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We offers a wide range of terminal models to suit most needs and solutions.
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To tailor the selected terminal for its use, it is vital to offer accessories with required functionality and very good quality. We offers accessories from radio manufacturers and form high quality 3. party vendors to have a complete range of accessories.
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To create good and complex system solutions, it is very often required to add applications. Our application partners supply high quality products and services.
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Sustainable batteries that meets environmental and capacity requirements, are important for the quality of a radiosystem. In our webshop you will find batteries rorm the radio manufacturers and high quality 3. party suppliers.
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Special Chargers

We offers selected special chargers from 3. party vendors.
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Satellite Solutions

Satellite communication is important for use in very rural areas, and in an emergency situation.
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We offers pagers based on different carrier technologies.
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Antennas, duplexers and filters are essential in getting best possible performance of a radio system. We offer equipment from world leading suppliers.
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We offers our self developed SCADA solution, where we use hardware from our partners.
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